Best Western Rewards®

The Best Western Rewards® membership is free. Over more than 4,100+ hotels worldwide are affiliated with the Best Western chain. This makes it one of the most rewarding savings and loyalty programs in the world.

Join a savings and loyalty program that really delivers. Best Western Rewards® has been voted one of the best hotel loyalty programs.

  • Membership is for free
  • Always a 10% discount on the flexible rate
  • No exclusion dates
  • Points never expire
  • Exclusive offers
  • Earn points at over 4,100+ hotels around the world
  • A free match of your status in any other hotel loyalty program
  • Save for your next overnight stay
  • Redeem points for free nights or gift cards

You can easily arrange your membership with our reception staff. You will immediately receive the points of your current stay. With a personal login you can easily view the points balance and order gift cards.

So becoming a member is really worth it!

Questions about Best Western Rewards®?

Contact the Rewards Club Service free of charge on 0800 - 022 14 55.
Platinum, Diamond or Select member? Then choose the elite line extension.